Venture Pup is a pet photography business serving the New York, Connecticut and New Jersey area. Its goal is to create not just beautiful photographs, but also photographs that each time you look at, bring those moments back to life and for a split second you feel the excitement of your dog as he plays his favorite game, you see his paws twitch as he sleeps and you hear your cat purring as she snuggles in her favorite blanket.

Why the name Venture Pup? Well, it was a hot summer day in Slovakia, I was about seven year old and my father just decided that it was time for him to get his own hunting dog. My mother, who always kept our apartment super clean and in tip-top shape, was not thrilled with the idea of a furry, always shedding creature living with us, but there was not much she could do as my father had already made up his mind. Then there was a phone call. Uncle Tony just called to say that his female Slovak Kopov dog has just given birth to a whole bunch of puppies and… nobody really knows what he said next because in that second my father and I were sitting in our old Lada car heading for the uncle’s house. And there they were, just as he said, a whole bunch of silky puppies lying right next to their mum. Those days there was an official rule that if there were more than six puppies born in a litter, the extra ones had to be put down. The pup that we fell in love with was born with hernia and so was one of those extra ones. My father, a surgeon, fixed the hernia and saved Floko (that is how we named our pup) from his terrible fate. A few months later, when our puppy was big enough to leave his mother, we brought him home. Little did we know that our little pup would turn out to not only be a genius hunting dog, but also the most adVENTUREous pup I have ever seen!



Klara Hanincova, PhD an award winning photographer lives with her wonderful husband and two rescue pups Benji and Zoe in Westchester, New York.

When she is not behind a camera photographing pets, Klara, who believes in the power of photography to inform, inspire and transform, has been splitting her time working on her personal documentary projects and with non-profit organizations including WET Productions, Indego Africa, New Rochelle Humane Society and The Parents Assistance Committee on Down Syndrome.

Klara’s long-term personal projects include “Andrew’s Story” a documentary that explores the life of a little boy Andrew and promotes positive awareness of Down syndrome, “Hindus of North America” a documentary focusing on social and cultural rituals of Hindus living in the United States and the endlessly entertaining “Life of A Dog” that captures the world of dogs and the nuances of their lives.

In addition to being a photographer, Klara also worked as a curatorial assistant at En Foco, a non-profit organization dedicated to cultural diversity in documentary and fine art photography.

Klara is also a member of HeARTs Speak, a non-profit organization that connects professional photographers and artists with animal rescues and shelters to promote animal adoption. She currently serves on the HeARTs Speak membership committee.


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