Tip on Photographing Shy Cats

I stumbled over this trick of photographing shy cats while I was at the photography assignment in the household with four cats, one of which was extremely shy. The photography assignment had nothing to do with the pets, but as I was packing my gear, I saw a little pink nose peeping round the corner. It was close to the dinner time and to my big surprise extremely shy Elliot was assessing the risks and benefits involved in having his dinner in the room with a stranger. “Interesting”, I thought, “let me see whether the empty stomach will win over the cautious mind”. To make Elliot’s decision a little bit easier, I moved the bowl with his food closer to the wall behind which he was hiding. Then armed with my 70-200mm, ISO 3200, f stop 3.5 and a shutter speed 1/60 I lay down on the floor as far from the bowl as possible and was patiently waiting. Luckily for me, Elliot’s hunger was bigger than his fear, and I was able to snap a few photographs. So if you ever have troubles photographing very shy cats, that run away and hide as soon as they see someone unfamiliar, maybe it is worth trying to photograph them around their feeding time.



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