Extreme Makeover

by Klara Hanincova

It is always very sad to see people abandoning their pets and leaving them at the shelter. It is even more heartbreaking to see animals who were neglected by their owners. So was the fate of little Fluffy. Her family, who meant the world to her, brought her to the New Rochelle Humane Society because they had no time for her. Fluffy who is not even a year old and has been never groomed in her entire life suddenly found herself in a shelter full of strangers. There she was, with her long, dirty and severely matted fur, homeless and abandoned by those she trusted. To bring Fluffy a little comfort, Tiffany, a New Rochelle Humane Society employee, took on the not so easy task of cutting off all of Fluffy’s matted hair, trimming her nails and giving her bath. And voila! After a few hours of hard, but satisfying work sweet little Fluffy looked like a different dog!

Now Fluffy is in the safety of the shelter, surrounded by people who care, patiently waiting for a family to stop by who will provide her with what she needs the most: a loving forever home. The home she truly deserves.


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