by Klara Hanincova

Last weekend I was photographing my little friend Samantha. Although the photo shoot was about Samantha I could not resist to take a few photographs of her best friend Hobo.

Samantha’s parents adopted Hobo when he was a little puppy. Now Hobo is a big dog that is eleven months old but in his heart he is still a little pup. Always happy and enthusiastic Hobo fills everyone around him with positive energy.

Photographing Hobo was not an easy task but I loved every bit of it. Each time I sat down on the floor or on the grass he rushed towards me to lick my face and camera and to sit in my lap. Yes, I forgot to mentioned that Hobo is a lap dog, well at least according to him…:)

While playing with a soccer ball Hobo was determined that everybody has to participated including a photographer sitting on the grass. He insisted I will play by throwing the ball on the top of my back…:)

It was so much fun! Thank you Hobo and Samantha for a beautiful day!


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