Firefighters And Shelter Animals: Photo Shoot NO.9

A Sneak Peek of The Photo Shoots for The New Rochelle Humane Society 2012 Calendar

by Klara Hanincova

I came across Tiramisu and her sister Canolli while looking for an easy going cat that would not mind to do some modeling for us. They looked like twins, their color was beautiful and their personalities were great. What else could I wish for! All I had to do was convince both of them to participate in the photo shoot. So we sat down, right then and there in the cat room, and discussed the details. First, they were very curious to know who they would be photographed with. I told them that the firefighter Peter Gagliardo from the Hartsdale Fire Department, who loves animals, is coming all the way from Connecticut where he lives. Satisfied with my answer they also wanted to know how much we pay. I told them that they will get a can of tuna just for showing up and a can of tuna right after the photo shoot. Then they took off into the corner, purred intensely about something, and when they came back we sealed the deal! “Great” I said “Barbara will come to pick you up on Saturday. Make sure your coats are shiny and your whiskers are clean!”

Tiramisu_calico_firefighter_HarstdaleAt the day of the shoot, both Tiramisu and Canolli showed up in the training room with shiny coats and polished noses. Canolli, however, got a little shy and decided to not participate in the photo shoot. Nobody, on the other hand, could stop Tiramisu, who felt like a fish in water, from posing. Peter handled Tiramisu with love and confidence and she, captivated by his charm, was posing right and left. “For extra tuna” she said “I may even sit in Peter’s helmet for a few seconds. Would you like me to sit on Peter’s back? No problem! Come here Peter! Wait you are right. Barbara could you please put me up on Peter’s back? Would you like a little bit of attitude? How about this long intense glance through my shoulder. What are you saying? You cannot see Peter? He will be fine. Just shoot!”

Cat_Tiramisu_calico_fireman_HarstdaleCalico Cat_Tiramisu_fireman_HartsdaleCalico cat sitting on fireman backPeter has been a firefighter for twenty years. He served with the Mount Vernon Fire Department for ten years and then he transferred to the Hartsdale Fire Department. He lives with his wife, daughter, son and 100 pound black lab/mastiff mix named Boots in Connecticut. Firefighting runs in Peter’s family. His brother is a firefighter in the same department. His nephew is a firefighter in Danbury, CT and his cousin in New Rochelle. One day, Peter hopes, his little son will follow in his footsteps and also become a firefighter.

Calico cat with fireman from Hartsdale Thank you so much Peter, for participating in our calendar project. It was great working with you. I would also like to thank Barbara Gallo for her help and Peter’s friend Chris for getting Tiramisu’s attention to get shots of her looking into the camera.


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