Gertie and Sweet

A few days back I was photographing Charlee at her home in White Plains. While Charlee’s story is a part of my new ongoing project about adopted dogs that I am looking forward to share with you in near future, today’s post is about Charlee’s buddies.

Well, it really was Charlee’s photo shoot, but how could I resist taking a few photographs of incredibly charming old lady Gertie and always goofy, ready-to-have fun, youngster Sweet!

Gertie: There is nothing like sunbathing on a nice morning!

Sweet: I am so going to win this game!

Gertie: Come again? I can't hear very well.

Sweet: Let's do something fun!

Gertie: I wonder if it's going to rain today.

Sweet: I could play this game all day long!

Sweet: I need to cool down!

Gertie: Life is good.

Sweet: Skateboarding was fun! What shall we do next?

Sweet: I love this toy! Can we get another one?


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