Firefighters And Shelter Animals: Photo Shoot NO.6

A Sneak Peek of The Photo Shoots for The New Rochelle Humane Society 2012 Calendar

As promised, here is an update on our sixth photo shoot with firefighter Mike Murray and the sweetest dog ever, Mary Lou.

Cocker Spaniel mary Lou and a firefigterMike has been a volunteer firefighter at the Ardsley Fire Department for over a year. He loves animals and has two dogs, a yellow lab Molly and a black lab Holly.

Mary Lou, a one year old cocker spaniel, fell in love with Mike as soon as she saw him. Super excited as she was to model with Mike, she forgot all about posing as soon as she saw a ball in Mike’s hand. “A ball!!!” she looked at us with a glance of surprise and excitement. “A ball!!! This is going to be so much fun!!!” And so it was … :)

Mary Lou was surrendered to the New Rochelle Humane Society shelter by a family who bought her as a puppy from a pet store. As time was passing by, the family realized that they have no time to groom, play with or even to walk Mary Lou.

Not so long ago Mary Lou was representing New Rochelle Humane Society at the opening of a new dog park in Harrison, NY. One of the event organizers, a president of Harrison Chamber of Commerce Ada Angarano, saw her there and immediately fell in love with her. A week later, Carol and I took Mary Lou to the same dog park to photograph her. It was early in the morning and nobody was there. As we were about to leave, we saw a small doggie approaching the park. We decided that we will stay a little longer so Mary Lou can play with her new friend. As luck would have it, the little doggie belonged to Ada and her husband. Meeting Mary Lou for a second time, completely by coincidence early on Sunday morning was a sign to Ada. She and her husband adopted her right away.

Portrait of shelter dog Mary Lou and firefighterMary Lou is very sweet, gentle and loving dog. All she wants is to love and be loved. For as long as I knew her, I wished that she would be adopted by somebody who will truly love her and provide her with warm family environment. The day Ada told us that she and her husband decided to adopt Mary Lou my wish came true.

Portrait of shelter dog Mary Lou with firefighterThank you Ada for giving Mary Lou the most precious gift of all, the gift of love!


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