Firefighters And Shelter Animals: Photo Shoot NO.8

A Sneak Peek of The Photo Shoots for The New Rochelle Humane Society 2012 Calendar

Hello everyone! Welcome back! Today I would like to share with you details of our last photo shoot with a firefighter Dan Thompson and a gorgeous redhead May.

Those of you who follow our 2012 New Rochelle Humane Society Calendar adventures closely and noticed that I jumped from photo shoot 5 directly to photo shoot 8 you are absolutely right. But please do not worry. I will definitely update you on photo shoots 6 and 7 in next couple of weeks.

We decided to post photo shoot 8 first in hopes that special someone will read this post and find in May the perfect dog that he or she is looking for. Yes, you are guessing right, all the four legged participants of photo shoots 6 and 7 are happily enjoying their new homes and families. May is the only one left.

Dan has been a firefighter with the New Rochelle Fire Department for sixteen years. In 2002 Dan rescued his older Pit Bull Terrier Hope from a burning building that was purposely set on fire. Hope, at that time only about one year old, had broken teeth and was nothing but skin and bones. It was obvious that she was used for dog fights. Dan adopted Hope from the New Rochelle Humane Society and rehabilitated her. In 2010, Dan adopted a three-legged Pit Bull Terrier Trooper from the New Rochelle Humane Society. Trooper was brought into the shelter by a kind stranger who saw him being hit by a car. Unfortunately even after surgery one of his front legs could not be saved. But believe me Trooper is the last one to notice that he is missing a leg. This always optimistic pup filled with positive energy is fully enjoying his life. He is a Certified AKC Canine Good Citizen, a Certified Service Dog and a TDI Certified Therapy Dog.

May came to the New Rochelle Humane Society with her best friend April. While April got adopted a couple of weeks back May is still waiting for her forever home. Even though the shelter staff and volunteers provide May with lots of love, now that April is gone, life at the shelter seems to be harder than ever for May. But she is not giving up. May believes that just like Trooper and Hope found that special someone so will she one day.

At the day of the photo shoot while Dan was putting on his firefighting gear, May as sweet and as curious as she is, was not only exploring every inch of the training room, but also making sure that she kisses everybody on the team at least million times…:)

May took her modelling duties very seriously. As she has never done this kind of stuff before she seemed to be  a little bit concerned about her performance. I explained to her that nothing can go wrong as long as she sits and smiles. So there she is, sitting and smiling on all of the photographs. As business (modeling) oriented as she looks on the photographs May always welcomed short breaks during which she was playing with her favorite squeaky toy or a ball. Her love for toys came in handy when we wanted her to look into camera. All we needed was Carol standing right next to me and holding the toy or a ball close to the camera. As I said in my earlier post about May, she will do anything for a ball, even modeling…:)

It was a great photo shoot. I would like to thank Dan for his patience, May for being so professional and Barbara and Carol for all their hard work. Thank you guys!


4 thoughts on “Firefighters And Shelter Animals: Photo Shoot NO.8

  1. What a wonderful Calendar this will make and having met April at the big 100th anniversary event I know May will be a wonderful pet for someone and she does look quite happy…you guys do such a fantastic job and we are proud to help out whenever we can..Carol and Burke Veley (Lee Anne Veleys parents).

  2. Your photos are amazing and all my friends and family will be receiving this Calendar from me this Christmas. Firefighter Dan Thompson’s love and patience for the shelter dogs that have overcome such enormous obstacles is so admirable and how awesome for pretty May to get to spend a day with him!…..Hopefully with your beautiful portrayal of her, she will find her forever home very very soon. Sending sweet thoughts to May and all the others at NRHS.
    -Danicia Ambron (Volunteer)

  3. a major television station should be contacted to do a story on this project it will make a great human (e) interest story!!!!!!!!!!!!

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