Would you like to have a dog that loves to play ball? If so, then May is a dog just for you.

Pit Bull Terrier playing with red ball

May came to the New Rochelle Humane Society with her sister April. While April got adopted, May is still waiting for her new loving home.

Pit bull terrier with kong ball

May chases a ball, brings it back and if you give her a command “drop it” she will drop the ball right in front of your feet and wait in anticipation and excitement until you throw it again. She never gets tired of playing and she will do anything for the ball. Even jump into water.

May Pit Bull terrier playing in waterIt was a good day for May. A lot of fetching, a lot of fun.

 We made sure that May returned to her kennel nice and dry.

To learn more about May please click here.


3 thoughts on “May

  1. May is such a sweet & playful dog. Klara caught the ‘fun’ side of May in these pictures, and the reason why we all love our playtime with May at the shelter.

  2. Your photographs are amazing! Thank you for showcasing animals from NRHS. Three of my four cats have been adopted from there and if I ever manage to live someplace that allows dogs, I’ll be back!

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