Firefighters And Shelter Animals: Photo Shoot NO.4

A Sneak Peek of The Photo Shoots for The New Rochelle Humane Society 2012 Calendar

May 22, 2011 by Klara Hanincova

Another great photo shoot! This time featuring fire chief Dino DelSignore and two little super-duper cute kittens!

As a child Dino was very close to his grandfather who was a firefighter for the town of Harrison. The charismatic man whose great passion was helping to those in need and who without any hesitation put his own life at risk in rescuing others became a hero in Dino’s eyes. Following in his grandfather’s footsteps, Dino started his firefighting career as a volunteer firefighter at the age of 16 and worked his way up the ranks to Fire Chief. Number 577 tattooed on Dino’s right hand (you can see it on some of the photographs) is his grandfather’s shield number. It is a constant reminder of the man who instilled in him a sense of community and love of firefighting.

As a firefighter Dino rescued many animals from dangerous situations. Luckily for one stray cat that got stuck up in a tree it was Dino who came to the rescue. Dino adopted the rescued cat and named him Tarzan. Tarzan passed away of old age a long time ago, but Dino never gave up on animals in need of a home. At the moment, he has three cats: Molly, Capone and Sable all adopted from the New Rochelle Humane Society.

The super-duper cute kitten Little Star (the one with white socks) and her brother Spicey had a great time during the photo shoot. While Little Star fell in love with Dino’s helmet and its cozy environment, energetic Spicey decided that he would use this precious time to explore the entire training room. Spicey’s exploring spirit put Carol, my helper of the day in cat matters, to hard work as she spent most of our two hour photo shoot crawling under the tables trying to catch him. All I could see were Carol’s legs sticking out from under the table and then I heard: “I will get you little one”. As soon as she caught him and put him back to the helmet, he sat there for maybe three seconds and then JUMP and he was out, then a quick maneuver between Carol’s legs as she was trying to catch him and the chasing game began all over again. It was too funny to watch. Thankfully it was Spicey who got tired first and that is when I was able to shoot those few photographs in which both Spicey and Little Star are quietly sitting at the top of Dino’s shoulder.

I would like to thank Dino for being such a great and patient model and Carol for all her hard work. I know it was not easy to keep up with Spicey but she kept her humor and persistently followed Spicey around the room until he finally nested on Dino’s shoulder. I would never be able to get these images without her unbreakable spirit.

Good news! Right after the photo shoot Little Star was adopted by very nice family with three children and a cat.


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