Firefighters And Shelter Animals: Photo Shoot NO.3

A Sneak Peek of The Photo Shoots for The New Rochelle Humane Society 2012 Calendar

May 8, 2011 by Klara Hanincova

My dear cat lovers! I know so far most of my posts are about dogs, but not this one! I am excited to update you on our third photo shoot starring J-Lo the cat and firefighter Captain John Saviano.

Firefighter and black and white cat 1

John has been a career firefighter at the Scarsdale Fire Department for more than twenty five years. He is also a fire investigator and a tour commander. John loves animals and is a dedicated member of the Westchester County Animal Response Team (WesCART). It is a volunteer program managed by the Westchester County Department of Emergency Services whose mission is to respond to emergencies that require animal rescue, evacuation, veterinary care, and the sheltering of pets during a major disaster.

J-Lo is a great cat. She came to the shelter from the yard of a Bronx resident with a litter of kittens in tow. After arriving at the New Rochelle Humane Society, J-Lo and her babies spent some time in a foster home. Now that her motherly duties are done, she has been spayed and her kittens have been adopted. J-Lo is still waiting for the right person to come by and take her home. Modeling as you can see became her favorite past time activity.

Firefighter and black and white cat J-Lo from New Rochelle Humane Society

Firefighter and J-LO the shelter cat

Any pet photographer you speak to will probably tell you that photographing cats requires a lot of patience. For this photo shoot we selected a couple of cats that we know are not shy and are great with people, but even then, not every cat felt comfortable in the new environment that was full of people they have never seen before. Luckily for us, J-Lo decided that it wasn’t a bad day for some studio photography and she did great.

firefighter and cute black and white cat

One thing to remember is that during a cat photo shoot, it is not the photographer who is in charge but the cat.

Here is a short dialogue excerpt from our photo shoot:

ME: Dear J-Lo would you mind getting in the shot with John? He is really great guy. I think you will like him.

J-LO: Maybe….maybe not. Ask me later.

(Later) Me: Excuse me J-Lo, would you mind…

J-LO : You really are pushy! I told you that I am not ready yet.

(Much later) J-LO: Hey photographer! Get ready. I think I might elegantly swing by John and if I feel like, I might even pose a little.

ME: Thank you J-Lo. Go ahead I am ready.

J-LO: (approaching John, the moment we were all so patiently waiting for) Woah! Wait the minute! I think I smell smoke! It must be John’s coat! It’s giving me a headache. I need a break (she turns around and leaves).

Firefighter and J-Lo a playful shelter cat

At the day of the photo shoot a little puppy from the New Rochelle Humane Society found her way into John’s heart and is now a member of John’s family!!!! I am very happy that this little incredibly cute pup has found her forever loving and caring home. John and his wife also have two beautiful cats Lucy and Ricky.

It was a great day and a great photo shoot. I enjoyed every bit of it. I would like to thank John for his patience and Barbara, Dianne and Ashley for their help in cat matters.


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