Firefighters And Shelter Animals: Photo Shoot NO.2

A Sneak Peek of The Photo Shoots For The New Rochelle Humane Society 2012 Calendar

April 23, 2011 by Klara Hanincova

This sure was a fun photo shoot! Two great firefighters and a bunch of four months old Labrador mix puppies!

Fire Captain Bryan Sutorius and his brother Paul are professional firefighters at the Pelham Manor Fire Department. Bryan has been a firefighter for twenty two years and Paul for twenty one. Bryan is also a fire prevention officer. He enjoys working with children and teaches fundamental fire safety skills at the local elementary schools and hosts year-round fire prevention groups for different scout programs. Both Paul and Bryan love animals and have a house full of them. Paul has two feral cats – Blue and Sugar, a rescue cat – P. Diddy and then there is T.D. He also has two Malteses – Harley and Cesar and a Yorkie named Zeppelin.  Bryan’s four-legged family members are a Beagle Jenny and Shitzus Brady and Bentley.

The idea was to capture spontaneous interactions between the firefighters and the puppies. While I was explaining to Paul and Bryan what to expect from the photo shoot, my two puppy helpers, Carol and Barbara, brought three super cute puppies into the training room where our portable studio was set up. As soon as they put them on the floor, the puppies revealed their true personalities and I have to say that each of them was very different. The black puppy was a bit overwhelmed with all those new faces and the sudden unexpected attention and decided to play it low during the entire photo shoot. She definitely was the best behaved puppy on the set. She was very quiet and sat or lay down wherever Carol or Barbara would put her, whether it was on the floor or Paul’s back. Sometimes she gave the cutest suspicious look I have ever seen to Paul and Bryan, but mostly to Paul. The red puppy was very comfortable in her new environment and just like any other puppy she ran from person to person, sniffing everything and greeting everybody. The light brown puppy was a little, endlessly entertaining troublemaker. She ran around nonstop, excited to see so many new people. She tried to lick everybody’s face, jump around and play a game of catch when Carol or Barbara tried to pick her up. Sometimes she ran from the firefighters, right up to me and stuck her nose into my lens and licked my face. It was really funny! Looking at the photographs from that day, I have to say that she seemed to like Bryan a lot as in most of the pictures she is licking his face or whispering something into his ear.

Just looking at the photographs one can see how much Bryan and Paul love animals and how much animals love them. The puppies had a great time during the photo shoot and I hope Bryan and Paul had as well.

All this would not be possible without Barbara and Carol who worked really hard to keep the puppies in the picture, gathering them from every possible corner of the room and making sure that they did not block the camera.


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