Looking For a Soul Mate? Then Keiko Is Your Dog!

April 05, 2011 by Klara Hanincova

If I would not have two of my own fluffy creatures… (let me rephrase it as both of them are peeking over my shoulder at the computer screen as I type this post and look a little offended…:) If, hypothetically speaking, I would not already have two of the best fuzzy dogs ever I would ABSOLUTELY ADOPT KEIKO.

Keiko is very gentle, affectionate and smart. Yes, you could say that a lot of dogs have the same qualities, but here is the thing, Keiko is much more than just that. If you treat him right, Keiko will not only become your best friend and protector, but also your soul mate. He will devote his life to you and he will love you with all his heart. I am sure of it.

portrait of german sheppard

Keiko loves to play. If you throw him a ball he will run to get it, bounce it around and then gallop back to you with the ball in his mouth.

German sheppard playing tug of war

german sheppard running with a kong ball playing fetch

german sheppard running with a kong ball playing fetch

One day I was playing with him outside in a play-pen. I found a very bouncy, bright yellow rubber ball. He had so much fun. He was running around, galloping, jumping and trying to catch the ball with his paws. Once he had enough, he decided that the ball is just too precious and he has to hide it. Unfortunately for him this particular play-pen had a floor made of asphalt and it was almost impossible to find a good hiding spot. Finally he found a few leafs by the fence and spent a good amount of time trying to hide his ball. Satisfied with his effort and a bright yellow ball still shining through a handful of dried up leafs, he galloped towards me, showered me with kisses and sat next to me. Leaning his body into mine he looked into my eyes. I swear that if he could talk he would say something like:” I love you and don’t worry I hid the ball really well nobody will ever find it …. I am glad we are friends… and did I say that I love you?”

German sheppard portrait sitting eye contact

Give Keiko a chance, get to know him and this handsome German Shepard mix (and I mean really handsome: just look at the photos) will steal your heart and, did I mentioned that he is housetrained, loves driving in the car and walks easily on the leash?

german sheppard with tennis ball playing fetch

german sheppard running in a play pen

I hope Keiko will get adopted soon and I will be very happy for him, but deeply inside of my heart I will be a little jealous that somebody other than me will have a privilege to be loved and protected by one of the best dogs ever.

German sheppard chewing tennis ball

German sheppard chewing tennis ball

To find out more about Keiko please visit www.newrochellehumanesociety.org


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